A bit about me

I have been a freelance translator since I graduated from translation school at the University of Ottawa in 2012. I started off with a focus on education-related translation but have recently found a new passion for conscious business (inspired by the thrilling project I am currently translating).

Born in Ontario, raised in Québec, now living back in Ontario… I’ve lived in both French and English my entire life. I grew up in the mostly English-speaking village of Wakefield, Québec, and I went to school in the mostly French-speaking town of Masham, Québec. (My last name is Italian, but I don’t speak the language… other than to say al dente and a couple of swear words my grandfather accidentally taught me when I was growing up.)

My parents gave me the enormous and invaluable gift of bilingualism by enrolling me in an entirely French school in Masham starting in kindergarten. My passion for bilingualism and language has only grown over time. It was natural, then, that I should turn to translation. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, with my husband, Jesse, and our two beautiful children, James (2.5 years) and Olivia (11 months).


  • Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in French-English Translation
  • Second Language Certificate in French
  • General Bachelor of Arts with Minor in Linguistics